Saturday, September 18, 2010

The other side of the pillow

So , I'm going to start this out with one very awesome thing that happened to me last night. 

You know when your lying in bed, staring at the ceiling because you can't fall asleep? It's about 2 in the morning and you've been laying there for so long your pupils have long ago adjusted to the dark and you can now easily make out the dark shapes that make up your room. Whatever the reason is you can't sleep, it is officially bugging the hell out of you .. or at least by this point , I know I'm a little angry. But here it is , the most awesome realization by man kind yet , that is in my mind at least ( and I'm thinking Neil Pasricha's too). It's on nights like this when one can't sleep that all they must do is simply Turn over the pillow.   Ah, for some reasons that even the scientists can't figure out yet, this cranks up the bed comfort and now you can easily find yourself drifting back to la la land. It is that cold, other side of the pillow that makes this so ..


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Sunday, September 5, 2010

mother fuckerr im aweseome.

Ok so , while back to school shopping I can across the most amazing book ... probably ever.
It is called "The Book of Awesome". It's about all the simple things in life that we as humans tend to forget about as we worry about all the ugly stuff out there. I have decided to list one awesome simple thing here as often as I can for everyone who decides to read this to enjoy. Even if it only takes you a few seconds to read, think about it, it's three seconds you won't be thinking about the polar ice caps melting or the work you probably should be doing. 

! there's also a site ---

I give props and all of this to the guy who first created this site and expected nothing of it : Neil Pasricha. It is all of HIS ideas that will make up this blog. I'm just transferring them to here and adding some of my own so now everyone can add a little more awesome to their day and really enjoy some of the simplier things life has to offer.
I think he is a genius and has made going to school a little more enjoyable .. for now at least !

Until next time ,
someone who is just trying to make your life a little more aweseome.